Laser Cutting

Low Energy Consumption & Faster Speed

Wilson and Gilkes have the latest technology in laser cutting, with TRUMPFs 3030 3kW Fiber Laser. The fiber laser can laser cut sheet metal with high precision and efficiency. It is up to three times faster than conventional CO2 lasers and boasts much lower running costs and reliability ensuring our competitive position as a manufacturer.

The TruLaser 3030 fiber enables high flexibility and efficiency: The TruDisk solid-state laser allows the processing of non-ferrous metals and, in addition, provides an extra productivity benefit when it comes to thin sheets. The BrightLine fiber option ensures highest edge quality and easy part removal.

Wilson and Gilkes can cut:

Material Width
Mild steel 20mm
Stainless Steel 15mm
Aluminium 15mm
Copper 6mm
Brass 6mm

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