Insertion and Welding

High Quality Welding

Wilson and Gilkes offers a range of Insertion and Welding services to suit your project need. Whether it’s spot welding, TIG or MIG welding or insertion, we have a machine that enables high part quality.

Spot Welding

The company has two Table spot welders which can deliver the following benefits:

  • Perfect for High and low volume mix of work
  • Increased productivity for larger panels
  • Minimises finishing work


Wilson and Gilkes has two 6 axis robotic welders that enable the team to perform accurate welding services. This enables us to produce higher volume components to a consistent quality. The company has staff proficient in MIG and TIG welding in Aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We also have stud welding capacity for large a small production quantities.


Wilson and Gilkes have 5 Haeger inserting machines. These machines are improving part quality and labor optimisation.

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