Fast, Simple, Lean

Wilson and Gilkes have two Salvagnini Panel benders.
The automatic tool changing enables the manufacture of small quantity production runs very efficiently with very little change over time from one job to another.

The Salvagnini panel bender is equally impressive for longer production runs with its extremely fast, automated production capability.

There are some product size restrictions with the Panel benders so Wilson and Gilkes have addressed these issues with a number of automation solutions to ensure we are competitive.

The Robotic Bending cell enables Wilson and Gilkes to bend highly repetitive, heavy, and complex parts very efficiently with minimum labour costs.

CNC Sensor bending- Experience has taught us that the tensile strength, thickness, hardness and rolling direction can vary in each batch of material. All these factors can affect the amount of spring back resilience in the material.

With the demands for closer tolerances and smaller quantities associated with JIT manufacturing the TRUMPF ACB sensor bending system has provided a solution to achieving a high degree of bend angle accuracy despite these inconsistencies. With the TRUMPF ACB sensor system, the machine can automatically identify inconsistencies and compensate accordingly.

Wilson and Gilkes have 8 CNC Brake presses and 1 robotic bending cell and 2 Salvagnini Panel benders.

Bending Capacity is up to 3.0 meters and 130T bending capacity.

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