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A Culture of Precision & Quality

Wilson and Gilkes was established in 1947 by Mr Alex Wilson. The company manufactured a broad range of photographic equipment which gave the company its precision and quality culture.

Today, Wilson and Gilkes is recognised as one of the country’s most automated yet flexible manufacturers capable of producing a diverse range of products.

Wilson and Gilkes is a state of the art manufacturer that goes beyond just making your components. We can design and prototype, engineer, manufacture, assemble, package, and ship your products or components.

Wilson and Gilkes believes in the quality of its people and the quality of the machinery to achieve flexible manufacturing solutions that are key to achieving optimum results for our customers. The company employs qualified staff including, Industrial designers, Mechanical Engineers, Metallurgists, Electricians, Sheetmetal trades, Fitter and machinists, Toolmakers and certified welders.

Wilson and Gilkes is a truly competitive and flexible manufacturer specialising in sheet metal products and components.

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